Our History

After attending a national gathering of lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers who were committed to building a world where #BlackLivesMatter, we returned to the District committed to helping bridge the gap between the law and the community it should serve. 




Membership committee is committed to the development, social support and recruitment of Law 4 Black Lives DC. The committee maintains our roster of active members and L4BL-DC supporters. We also maintain an attorney referral list. If you share our mission and values, please contact us to be added to the list.

Education & Training

Education & Training committee creates and facilitates relevant trainings for Law 4 Black Lives DC’s membership and community. Additionally, the committee partners with community organizations to disseminate information about our rights, relevant legislation and the changing legal landscape.

Jail support

Jail Support committee provides support to activists who are arrested in the DC area in the form of ‘conditions of confinement’ checks after arrest. They regularly conduct jail support trainings for L4BL-DC members who are DC-barred. Additionally, the committee coordinates with local organizations to provide “care bear” support after release.

policy & Research

Policy committee supports our partner organizations by providing policy and legal research, writing, and advocacy.


Executive Committee is the governing body of Law 4 Black Lives DC. It is composed of Black-identified members and, at least, two femme-identified members. The Committee is elected by the membership.


Partnership committee focuses on L4BL-DC's outreach to our partner organizations and local, Black-led grassroots organizations and collectives. This committee directly supports the Movement 4 Black Lives DC via the Steering Committee.